> Kathi and Josef

Here are Kathi and Josef, the founders of Clivia Apartments. They are also the proud parents of Claudia, Ingrid, Astrid and Gabi. All together they form a close team that is unbeatable when it comes to hospitality. Josef takes care of the beautiful flowers: in this case, the Kaffir lily (in Italian: Clivia) variety. A very special flower inside the house is instead the person who makes guests feel entirely at home: daughter Gabi, together with her husband Ivan. They claim that the family is complete only when there are guests in the house.


< Gabi, Ivan, Mara and Nadia

Your hosts are Gabi, Ivan and their children. Their good management practices include the generous and helpful advice for excursions and ski routes, as well as the tender care for the garden and the discrete and respectful assistance to guests. All enhanced by the house's especially fascinating atmosphere.


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